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Welcome to our pages…my husband Bruss and I are Bradley Method® instructors.  Our class info site over at Sweet Pea Births  was ready to grow.  We have several students who are now living with toddlers, adding to their family, exploring extended breastfeeding, wondering about attachment parenting, cloth diapers, homeschooling and more!

In order to keep our class site professional, we want to give you a peek into, “a day in the life of,” over here at Sweet Pea Families.  We are a family of six+: two parents, four children and two dogs.

Why the plural, “families”?  We chose to use the word “family” in the plural because we have a growing number of alumni students that we look forward to sharing with us here in the form of comments and guest posts.  In addition, just like there are many paths to the birth of a child, there are many paths to forming a family.  We want to think outside of the traditional man-woman-birth child paradigm.  There are families formed by parents who are non-heterosexual.  Some families are formed in love – the families we are not born to, yet they are formed by bonds of love and an undeniable connection.  We have all of those dynamics going on in our extended family, and we imagine that some of you do, too.  All families are welcome and celebrated here.

We are learning and growing every day.  This site gives us an opportunity to share those lessons with our alumni students and with you.  Joining us on this journey is Cassandra Okamoto.  She is a fellow homebirth mama of two.  She offers the unique perspective of a new mama on the journey along the path of motherhood – the things that we are further removed from since it’s been a while since we have had those growing pains. She will be guest posting for us once or twice a month and sharing the musings and lessons that she is learning with her children.

Bruss and I have evolved so much in our journey as parents.  We look forward to sharing and growing with you.

About our blog:
The blog was born out of a desire to share inspiration and encouragment with families who are seeking a more intuitive approach to family life.  Our childbirth site was created with the intention of informing about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.  As more students grew out of that phase, and were still emailing me with questions, I felt like that blog was getting too diluted, hence the jump over here to create something relevant for those ready to explore beyond the childbearing year.

You will not find slick ads, blogger buttons or affiliate links in any of our pages or posts.  While I envy other bloggers with pretty pages, sponsors, and popularity contests, quite frankly I already have a full-time job: homeschooling our four children. I am also quite active in our local birth community…leaving no time for the extras if I want some sanity in my life.  In addition, I do not have the time or interest in the paperwork that accompanies blogging for income.

So, please enjoy the pages for what they are: an effort to provide encouragment and inspiration around the topics of attachment parenting, homeschooling and green living.  We are also a gluten-free family, so when I find good products or recipes, I will share them here.

Thank you for stopping by our very plain and simple blog.  I hope you will enjoy what you read and come back again soon!

Sweet Pea Births blogs about a day in the life of a family of 6+

Sweet Pea Births blogs about a day in the life of a family of 6+

4 thoughts on “About Us

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    Now our grandchildren ask if we have them before we go somewhere. We saw a need and wanted to spare children the discomfort of being placed in a hot car.

    You can view the Chilly Seat at http://www.honeyssolutions.com and we are available on Amazon.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    James Taylor
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  2. homegrown adventures

    I loved learning about you and your family. We have so much in common. It is such a blessing to find common minded people. I nursed for a total of 6 1/2 years my 4 children. 1 1/2 years our first 3 and 2 years our last baby. When I was pregnant that was all I could wait for was to bound with my baby while nursing. I keep myself very busy so baby reminding me to slow down and nurse him or her was such a treat. First time I hear about Bradley Method Instructors. Totally need to check it out. I seem to always be learning something new when I visit your blog. Thanks. 🙂

    1. krystynabowman@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you!! I agree – it’s so refreshing to know that we are not alone in this journey!! It has been great to visit your blog, too! I am so inspired by the way you use hands-on learning – my Sweet Peas are going to love your ideas!!


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