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Wordless Wednesday

Here is some fun from a Phoenix Zoo Trip with our SPB friends – we went to see the Dino In The Desert exhibit; plus the lions were putting on a show of their own!









We love early mornings @phoenixzoo – we got to hear the lions this morning ūüėćūü¶Ā

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WW: Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Our theme this month was “Nature’s Best” as we celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month here in the USA. ¬†This statue from Peru is a perfect way to kick off this post:

140820 01 140820 02


So here are the #beautifulbfing images sent in by our readers, and some from way back in our personal archive to share with you – only one has ever been shared before, and I’m sharing it again because it was taken by one of our older children. ¬†I love love love that they see breasts as normal¬†and¬†functional; and that sleeping mamas and babies are picture-worthy.

140820 spf01

Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14

140820 spf02

Tandem Nursing – Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14

140820 spf03

Puma breastfeeding one of her babies on an evening stroll – Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14

140820 spf04

From covered…

140820 spb09

…to confident and posting #selfies on social media

140820 spf06

Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14 #extendedbreastfeeding #biologicalbfing

140820 spf07

Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14 #extendedbreastfeeding #biologicalbfing

140820 spf08

Breastfeeding Awareness Month #beautifulbfing #normalizebfing #NBM14 #extendedbreastfeeding #biologicalbfing

Wordless Wednesday: Sun-Kissed Summer

Sweet Peas are out and about and having all kinds of fun this summer – these are adorable – thank you to all the families who shared their enchanting images…and now I am off to enjoy the summer sun with our Sweet Peas and today’s birthday boy – Happy 5th Birthday, Charger!

BLOG ww 140507 spf.4

Charger as a toddler – how time flies!!

Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer

Phoenix Children’s Museum

Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer

Sea LIfe Aquarium – Phoenix

Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer Sweet Pea Families: Sun Kissed Summer SKS15 SKS14 SKS13 SKS12 SKS11 SKS10 SKS09 SKS08 SKS07 SKS06 SKS05 SKS04 SKS03 SKS02 SKS01

WW: Sweet Peas and Their Guys

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked for students and readers to send in images of their Sweet Peas with the men in their lives…be that their¬†Bradley¬ģ Dad, grandpa, uncle, family-in-love…here are the amazing images we received. ¬†The love that shines through all of these is palpable and heart-warming – enjoy <3

140625spf.01 140625spf.02 140625spf.03 140625spf.04 140625spf.05 140625spf.06 140625spf.07 140625spf.08 140625spf.09 140625spf.10 140625spf.11 140625spf.12 140625spf.13


Do you have a favorite Sweet Pea + guy moment? Tell us about it!


WW: The REAL American Idols

In honor of Armed Forces Day (5/17), we want to feature the men and women who serve in our nation’s military. These images that capture family time for the Real American Idols: the people who are willing to put their live on the line to protect our Constitution and our freedoms, and the spouses and children who love them and live life without them while they are out on duty.  See more Sweet Peas over on the SPB blog.

BLOG ww 140528 spf.4

Navy wife and daughter from our Fall 2010 class

BLOG ww 140528 spf.3

Navy dad and daughter from our Fall 2010 series – welcoming daddy home after his first underway away

BLOG ww 140528 spf.2

USMC Veteran+Daddy and his family – Winter 2013-14 SPB students

BLOG ww 140528 spf.1

USMC Veteran+Daddy and his family – Winter 2013-14 SPB Students

WW: May Days

What a fun theme to tie in our Mother’s Day Tea Party. It was so much fun to pull this event together. We got to spend the afternoon¬†visiting with one of our alumni families.

The theme here was supposed to be breastfeeding today Рmoved everything over to  the SPB Blog so we could showcase the Tea Party here.  Head over there to see beautiful mamas and babies normalizing breastfeeding.

BLOG ww140521 spf.01

Otter and Charger doing some reading together – not tea party, just something we did in May ūüôā

BLOG ww140521 spf.02

Step 1: Set out the Tea Party for the Sweet Peas – metal cups and saucers to really drink out of, and play cupcakes to do imaginative play with between courses.

BLOG ww140521 spf.03

Favors for all the mamas – bud vases with a red rose, personalized with their names in the theme of pink and green.

BLOG ww140521 spf.04

Final table setting – serving ware, homemade yummy lemonades and orange-mint water infusion, table accents built with mama gifts, and all thing Sweet Pea safe in the front!

BLOG ww140521 spf.08

Otter taking in the Tea Party table – she was beyond excited and ready to get into everything before guests arrived!!

BLOG ww140521 spf.05

Favor table: trying to use pink+green theme for containers: butterfly blow-outs, rubber duckies, bubbles, finger puppets, flower rings and moustache rings.

BLOG ww140521 spf.06

Sweet Pea – Table for 2

BLOG ww140521 spf.07

Photo area props and picnic tables with imaginative play stations: 1) Make your own cupcake 2) Tea party cups and desserts

BLOG ww140521 spf.09

First course: Tea sandwiches: Salmon-Cucumber-Dill, Egg-Mayo, and Cucumber-Dill. The fresh dill from our herb garden made these sandwiches pop with flavor!

BLOG ww140521 spf.10

Second course: Scones: homemade gluten-free basic, homemade gluten-free peach, and cranberry-orange from Whole Foods. Although I tried to channel Mrs. Padmore, I felt like my scones ended up more first-season Daisy in appearance. My critics loved the flavor and they disappeared! Served with butter, clotted cream, and organic strawberry jam. I am now officially addicted to clotted cream.

BLOG ww140521 spf.11

Third course: Sweets – these beauties are from Gluten-Free Creations Bakery. Oh My Yum.

BLOG ww140521 spf.12

Third course: Sweets – we served a double chocolate chip cake and the GF cupcakes. Sweet finish to a sweet afternoon!

BLOG ww140521 spf.13

Our guests for our first Sweet Pea Tea! On the table were a couple more crafts for our toddler guests – make your own hat and make your own jewelry. This Sweet Pea was a little young to partake – he sure did enjoy the cheese and strawberries, though!!

BLOG ww140521 spf.14

Otter trying her hand at making her own cupcakes for imaginative play. We had some left over pipe cleaners with pom poms glued on the ends from the play cupcakes we made – Otter and Charger had fun playing with those.

BLOG ww140521 spf.15

Picture time – Otter wanted everyone to wear hats – except her, of course!

BLOG ww140521 spf.16

Puma has a turn with the hat!

BLOG ww140521 spf.17

Sweet Pea and Puma

BLOG ww140521 spf.18

Otter strikes a fairy pose

BLOG ww140521 spf.20

Tea Party after-party – those after-parties always have their own stories!!

BLOG ww140521 spf.19

Otter set her own private table – on the taller table you can see another mama-favor. Packets of Sweet Pea Seeds tied into their place setting napkin. The packet claimed these to be good container seeds…we need to plant ours – will see what happens!!

BLOG ww140521 spf.21

Oh the joy of being two – everything is awesome!

BLOG ww140521 spf.22

Otter has accomplished her mission – hats for everyone! We set up a little tea party on the picnic table and got to do what I had hoped – spread a little magic and marvel into the day. Otter had fun serving us tea from the carafe, clinking tea cups, and we all had a laugh as we tried to drink with our pinkies in the air!

WW: Spring Fever

So this is a day late for a beautiful reason…I got called away from my computer to spend time with my children and then as I was sitting down to post last night…I was called away to support a family for their daughter’s birth – WOW! Mama was a rock star!

So, without further ado, here are this week’s Wordless Wednesday images:

May 14th: Spring Fever
What are you and your Sweet Pea doing to enjoy this beautiful weather? Show us your favorite places to be with your favorite people. Also send us your Mother’s Day celebration photos – hope everyone had a beautiful day!

BLOG ww140514 spf.13

Mother’s Day Flowers

Reader share: Running through sprinklers at Grandma's house in IN

Reader share: Running through sprinklers at Grandma’s house in IN

BLOG ww140514 spf.12

Reader share: Out and about in the little red wagon

BLOG ww140514 spf.11

Reader share: Phoenix Art Museum Sculpture Garden

BLOG ww140514 spf.10

Reader Share: Phoenix Zoo water play at the Yakulla Caverns

BLOG ww140514 spf.8

Reader share: Playing at the park with Daddy

BLOG ww140514 spf.7

Reader Share: Sweet Pea absolutely loves riding around our neighborhood in her tricycle, which she calls a car

BLOG ww140514 spf.6

Mother’s Day gift created/chosen by Puma

BLOG ww140514 spf.5

Night Owl’s favorite spring spot – next to the peach tree – self-serve takes on a new meaning!!

BLOG ww140514 spf.4

New snack: Chocolate-covered Kiwi Lollipops

BLOG ww140514 spf.3

Baby Llama with it’s mama – area neighborhood

BLOG ww140514 spf.2

Feeding the sheep at Agritopia – Gilbert, AZ

BLOG ww140514 spf.1

Sheep shearing at Agritopia – GIlbert, AZ

See where we have been out and about with our crew over on our Sweet Pea Births Blog

Wordless Wednesday: Earth Baby

In honor of Earth Day, here are some fun images from our students and our family images from last summer…cloth diapers, hiking, extended breastfeeding past the first birthday…see how we interpret the phrase “Earth Baby”

BLOG 140430 ww spf.12 BLOG 140430 ww spf.11 BLOG 140430 ww spf.10 BLOG 140430 ww spf.9 BLOG 140430 ww spf.8 BLOG 140430 ww spf.7 BLOG 140430 ww spf.6 BLOG 140430 ww spf.5 BLOG 140430 ww spf.4 BLOG 140430 ww spf.3 BLOG 140430 ww spf.2 BLOG 140430 ww spf.1

WW: Babywearing

It’s been a pretty Peas-Y Spring for us!! ¬†We are busy bees – taking advantage of the weather in AZ before it hits sweltering…I included images of our faves since my model is snoozing right now. ¬†When she wakes, we will get her into the carriers and do pics ūüôā ¬†I will leave the instructional videos up for the woven wrap and the rebozo.

Two Favorites:

Ring Sling – easiest to grab and go and put baby in a hip carry for in-and-out errands

Blog BBW AAC 2

Beco Butterfly – love it for two free hands at the zoo or Farmer’s Market – use it for both front and back carrries

This is how you get three kiddos (in five different costumes) dressed for a Christmas show when Coach is in the audience.  Thank you #beco #butterfly for being a mama-sanity saver once again!

This is how you get three kiddos (in five different costumes) dressed for a Christmas show when Coach is in the audience. Thank you #beco #butterfly for being a mama-sanity saver once again!

Find yours here:

On Reserve:

Woven Wrap – still getting the hang of this – favorite for a secure back carry now that baby has a taller seat in the soft-structured carrier


Tutorials here:

Retired and still loved:

Rebozo – this only had limited time since our babies were born big and they outgrew the length of my rebozo by about 6-9 months.

Tutorial Video: