We *love* Breastfeeding

It has been a busy six weeks of writing about breastfeeding over on Sweet Pea Births!  Since this side has been a little neglected, here is a list of all the topics we have covered.  In addition, be sure to check out Cassandra’s Breastfeeding Cafe contribution on this blog HERE.

Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival

Guest Blogger: My Breastfed Story – How my story of being breastfed and seeing breastfeeding influenced my choices

Support: Helping Others – Krystyna’s story of being an example to other families

Keep Calm and Feed Your Baby – We all know that life goes on while breastfeeding and leaving the house means breastfeeding in public

Extended Breastfeeding: Past the First Birthday – The benefits of long-term breastfeeding

Wordless Wednesday – Breastfeeding + Babywearing

Bfing+AP = Transformation Central – How has breastfeeding changed your life?


Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Breastfeeding: A Family Affair – Coach Bruss chimes in with his perspective on breastfeeding

Inside Look: Poncho Baby – Exclusive interview with the founder of Poncho Baby

Inside Look: Cover My Heart – Exclusive interview with the founder of Cover My Heart

Top 5 Breastfeeding Products  – Must-haves for nursing mamas!

Wordless Wednesday – Beautiful Breastfeeding <3

Breastfeeding Comfort Kit – Products you want in the first weeks of breastfeeding

BLOG ComfortKit 7

Black Breastfeeding Week

3 Ideas to Improve Black Breastfeeding Outcomes – Examining outcomes from a childbirth educator’s perspective

In Their Own Words: Dajanay – A Bradley Mom shares her story

In Their Own Words: Chris – A Bradley Dad shares his story

ITOW Chris01