WW: Spring Fever

So this is a day late for a beautiful reason…I got called away from my computer to spend time with my children and then as I was sitting down to post last night…I was called away to support a family for their daughter’s birth – WOW! Mama was a rock star!

So, without further ado, here are this week’s Wordless Wednesday images:

May 14th: Spring Fever
What are you and your Sweet Pea doing to enjoy this beautiful weather? Show us your favorite places to be with your favorite people. Also send us your Mother’s Day celebration photos – hope everyone had a beautiful day!

BLOG ww140514 spf.13

Mother’s Day Flowers

Reader share: Running through sprinklers at Grandma's house in IN

Reader share: Running through sprinklers at Grandma’s house in IN

BLOG ww140514 spf.12

Reader share: Out and about in the little red wagon

BLOG ww140514 spf.11

Reader share: Phoenix Art Museum Sculpture Garden

BLOG ww140514 spf.10

Reader Share: Phoenix Zoo water play at the Yakulla Caverns

BLOG ww140514 spf.8

Reader share: Playing at the park with Daddy

BLOG ww140514 spf.7

Reader Share: Sweet Pea absolutely loves riding around our neighborhood in her tricycle, which she calls a car

BLOG ww140514 spf.6

Mother’s Day gift created/chosen by Puma

BLOG ww140514 spf.5

Night Owl’s favorite spring spot – next to the peach tree – self-serve takes on a new meaning!!

BLOG ww140514 spf.4

New snack: Chocolate-covered Kiwi Lollipops

BLOG ww140514 spf.3

Baby Llama with it’s mama – area neighborhood

BLOG ww140514 spf.2

Feeding the sheep at Agritopia – Gilbert, AZ

BLOG ww140514 spf.1

Sheep shearing at Agritopia – GIlbert, AZ

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