Monday Musings: Deposits and Imprints

The more I learn about parenting, the more I realize that to be the kind of parent I want to be, it has to be a conscientious effort to be my best.  It is easier to react instead of remembering breathe first.  It is easier to yell instead of remembering to breathe first.  It is definitely easier to be Crazy Mama than it is to be Peaceful Mama.

However, Crazy Mama is definitely not the legacy I want to leave to our children.  When they look back on their childhood, I want them to remember laughter, joy, and peacefulness.  I want them to remember playing outside, fun field trips, blowing bubbles.

Most of all, I want them to remember being respected.  It is my dream that this generation that is being raised by more parents who are committed to making a conscientious effort to be peaceful, gentle, and intentional about their parenting will be good stewards and more peaceful as a whole.

Therein lies my perpetual vicious circle.  Be present. Plan ahead. The future “eye on the prize”. Be present.

I think that we will take some time to do some dream boards this week.  I wonder what images our children would pick if I asked them to cut out pictures of things they would want to do if they could have a perfect day – week – year (depending on their ability to understand time).  Once I know what their visions and ideas are, we can get started on making those things happen. Whether in actuality or pretend play, these are the memories that I want to make with them.  The ones that they want to remember.

Be present.  Leave positive imprints. With that, I am off to make memories.

What is a phrase or saying that centers your intention as a parent?