WW: Feeling Green

This week’s theme focuses on the small changes we can make as individuals and as a family to green our homes and workplaces.  One small shift can drastically diminish the amount of chemicals and toxins you are exposed to….some of our alumni have taken even more steps to make a big shift in their environments..

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Eating out at restaurants that are committed to reducing plastic.

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SPB alum family: Raising chickens: you know what they are eating and how they are cared for 0 the eggs and the meat are as safe and non-GMO as you want to feed them.

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SPB alum family: Replacing typical one-use, disposable items with fabric towels, laundry soap nuts, and wool dryer balls (not pictured).

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SPB alum family: DIY dish soap, All purpose orange cleaner, glass cleaner, vinegar (which cleans stainless steel!), foaming handsoap (and DIY dispenser), bath salts, deodorant, vicks-like chest rub, toothpaste, tooth powder, powder foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, and eyeliner. Everything is in glass except the mascara, blush, foundation, and bronzer. Those are in the containers my old makeup was in.

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Using dry-erase boards instead of paper in our schoolroom.

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Using our home-garden for medicine: aloe is great on burns and scrapes.

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Growing our greens: we know they are from organic seeds and pesticide free. Bonus: this method is low-water and chemical fertilizer-free.

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Instant compost using our Vitamix: instead of throwing out rinds and peels from the produce we use to juice and make smoothies, we blend it with water in the Vitamix and pour it over our kitchen-herb container garden.

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Recently started using mama-cloth to reduce the toxins our girl parts are exposed to once a month.

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We have been using un-paper towels since the summer. Just added the little toilet-size cloth for use in the car for all the little clean-ups!


A mix of Vera Bradley, PBKids, and Itsy Ritzy.  Since switching over to reusable containers we hardly ever use plastic baggies - don't miss them at all!

A mix of Vera Bradley, PBKids, and Itsy Ritzy. Since switching over to reusable containers we hardly ever use plastic baggies – don’t miss them at all!

Have you made any changes to green your home, school, or workplace?  What did you do? What was your motivation?

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