Tuesday Tips: Cleaning House

The meeting down at the State Capitol yesterday was great, and besides an action plan, some Arizona homebirth advocates took time to meet with several Senators.  I am relieved to report that things are looking MUCH better.   If you would like to get involved in this very important work, please visit the Rights For Homebirth facebook page.  Regular updates offer action steps to take to keep the pressure on as we strive to Kill the Bill SB1157.

To go along with the theme of “Cleaning House” and getting rid of nasty bills, I thought I would share this website with you today.  It has been the source of most of our “green clean” recipes that we are using for non-toxic house cleaning.  It is written by Dr. Bronner’s granddaughter, Lisa, and she shares cleaning tips as well as anecdotes about her colorful grandfather’s life and times.  Definitely a useful and enjoyable site if you are a fan of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soaps like we are.

Going Green With A Bronner Mom

And with that, I am off to start the day…I came home from the meeting yesterday and started pulling together documents for the Rights For Homebirth group to use as we continue to advocate and lobby the Senators to pledge a NO vote on SB1157.  The Sweet Peas had a free day which they loved! It all worked out.  Now it is time to do some double-duty in our homeschool, and head off to one of our favorite monthly events this morning.

Wishing you a great day!

What is your favorite DIY cleaner recipe?


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    Baking soda, Vinegar and Lavender Oil are the 3 best green products you can clean with IMO. You can make pretty much everything you need from an slightly abrasive cleaner to deodoriser plus more. Great stuff and great article btw.

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