Upcoming Events and Other News

Happening over on our Sweet Pea Births Blog this week:

Events for Friday, February 7th HERE with storytimes today and free concerts.

Events for the weekend (Feb 8-9) HERE listing one of our favorites – the animal encounter at the Audubon Society, plus info on the Renaissance Festival and free kid’s crafts.

We have gotten word that some insurance-company provided breast pumps are failing…HERE is our research into that and suggestions to communicate with your insurance company.

Wishing you all a great weekend!  We will not be on-line very much between teaching class tonight, the opening of The Lego Movie, dance classes, student playgroups, birthday parties, a horse show, a committee meeting, a class reunion and a bonus class for our students…praying that Peaceful Mama makes it through the weekend.

Time to re-read my notes to myself about what I learned from Blue Russ!!

Here are a couple of images of the sensory bin we will be using at playgroup today and tomorrow.  We liked the pink, red, and white.  Then, Night Owl had the idea of adding purple so we tried it – we all like the way it turned out.
Cotton balls
Foam hearts
Puffy hearts

Heart Containers

Lima Beans and Navy Beans in Big, Little and Medium

Puffy Hearts

Also have tea lights, scoopers and pourers for measuring and pouring.

BLOG Valentine Sensory Bin.2 BLOG Valentine Sensory Bin.1