Wordless Wednesday: Winter Reads

This is a hard post to do because I am so painfully aware of copyright infringement! I want to share these books with you and images out of the pages to illustrate why we love them.  At the same time, if any of the authors and/or illustrators see these images and want them taken down, please let me know and I will do so.

Here are some of our favorite books in our Christmas book basket.  We just put them away so we can enjoy a fresh read of them again at the next holiday season.  Some are illustrated versions of songs that we like to sing, others are heartwarming stories of the Christmas tradition and the Christmas season.  And, thanks to one of our SPB families, we have a picture of a Sweet Pea enjoying his reads…mama says there is not a book he doesn’t love…that’s what we like to hear!!

BLOG ww140129 spf.7 BLOG ww140129 spf.6 BLOG ww140129 spf.5 BLOG ww140129 spf.4 BLOG ww140129 spf.3 BLOG ww140129 spf.2 BLOG ww140129 spf.1What is your favorite story of the winter season?