NEW Monday Mantra

This morning was a great opportunity to go back to my management training days.  Puma was acting out over a simple request.  It was pretty out of character for her to go this far over the deep end over a 15-minute piano practice session.

So I got up, removed myself from the situation by saying, “I can see you are upset.  I am going to allow you some space while I go get ready,” and went on to get ready for my day.  (Since my coaching sessions with Blue, I am doing so much better at breathing and allowing for space – even Coach Bruss has noticed!! Yeah!)

As I was getting ready, I asked myself the question, “What is REALLY going on here?”  Last week, she had been ready and willing to start practicing piano again.  Now today she is telling me she wants to quit.

I had the AHA! moment – she is excited about a new skill.  She just learned how to do “the cups” song today and she is stoked!!  She wants to devote her time today to perfecting that skill, not be bothered with the trivial and mundane.  Duh.

Therein lies the beauty of homeschooling.  Does she really need to do her school work today?  Really?  Or is that just me, wanting to complete my checklists?

So I approached her, and asked her for a minute of her time.  I recognized her excitement, offered her a solution, and now we are back on track for a peaceful day.  It is SO simple if I can remember to go back to stillness, breath and reflection.

What helps you get to that place of slowing down and finding a solution?  I would love to read what helps you so that I can keep adding to my mantra wall.