Wordless Wednesday: Family Stories

Here are some images that I feel epitomize our family, plus a lovely alumni student/reader share.  Thank you, J, for your generosity!

BLOG ww 1120 spf.2

An SPB alumni family

BLOG ww 1120 spf.1

Classic: Bruss is proud as punch and ready for a Proud Papa picture, I can’t take my eyes off the baby!!

BLOG ww 1120 spf.3

Meeting Night Owl for the first time – she did then, and still loves, holding babies

BLOG ww 1120 spf.5

Puma meets Charger for the first time; Night Owl isn’t sure what to make of things yet – it’s first time being “big”

BLOG ww 1120 spf.6

Puma is holding Charger while Daddy and Night Owl get a good look at our newest family member of 2009.

BLOG ww 1120 spf.8

Wide awake and enjoying our newest family member after our home birth…

BLOG ww 1120 spf.7

And Coach Bruss, sans endorphins, is wiped out – snuggling with Charger this time.

BLOG ww 1120 spf.6a

Summer 2012

BLOG ww 1120 spf.9

Halloween 2013


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Family Stories

  1. krystynabowman@gmail.com Post author

    Thank you! Charger was boycotting me after Otter was born. It took him three days to want to come snuggle with me again. Once he nursed and realized that there was sweet cream coming out of my breasts, he forgave me for having another baby – LOL. The picture of Puma meeting Charger is such a gift. I will tell you about it sometime – remind me to tell you the story 🙂

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