Staying Healthy

It’s that time of year when I start to take extra precautions with our family.  We avoid high-traffic places (if we must go, we go off-peak times), we are even more vigilant about hand-washing, and we are on top of our daily dose of vitamins and minerals!!

Our chiropractor offers some very practical tips, especially important if you want to avoid the “ick” of the flu season.

Here is how our family is boosting immunity this winter:

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Elderberry Syrup – some if the kiddos drink it straight (it’s very sweet!); the others add it to water and ice for a “North Pole” drink.  I know there is some debate about drinking cold things…my stance is if this works to get the elderberry in, we’ll do it.

Vitamin C Lozenges – chewable

Zinc Lozenges – disolve

Vitamin D – small capsules, easy to swallow

Fish Oils – chewables from Nordic Naturals

Juice Plus – to fill in the gaps in fresh fruits and vegetables

In addition to these, we continue to eat a whole food diet.  Our kiddos eat apples, carrots and oranges (fruit for some, juiced for others) almost every day, in addition to at least one serving of greens.  All of these foods are rich in Vitamin A, the “anti-infection” vitamin.

So far, so good.  We are into November with a couple of runny noses that are all cleared up now, and no fevers.  Praying we continue in good health!!

What does your family do to stay healthy during the winter month?

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