Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Time!

Such a great season to be outdoors!  Now that our pumpkins are cleaned out, time to toast some seeds!!

Pictures this week are from our outing to Mother Nature’s Farm in Gilbert, AZ.  Of course, we happened to be there on the weekend when the REPTILES were out en force with the Phoenix Herpetological Society…

BLOG ww 131023 spf2

To be clear, this was the sign by the farm animals, not the reptiles – LOL.

BLOG ww 131023 spf5

Decorating the pumpkins included in the $10.00 admission – each kiddo gets pumpkin, a bag of stickers, and access to all the attractions. You only pay for food at this pumpkin patch, and any of the bigger pumpkins you want to take home.

BLOG ww 131023 spf4

The Alligator – I had a mild heart attack when I realized this thing was alive and wandering around children.

BLOG ww 131023 spf3

Southeast Asian monitor lizard