Musings on Motherhood

The pictures (I couldn’t pick a favorite so I am posting both) in today’s affirmation represent what I envision motherhood to be: love and protection.

What is your overarching belief when you think about motherhood?  I know my biggest consideration is my children’s safety.  I try not to worry because I do not believe it is productive.  One of my wise friends once shared with me the idea that worrying is like wishing for your worst fears.

Instead of worrying, I think about protection.  Am I protecting my child from harm, all the while doing so from a place of love and concern and not fear?  In most cases, yes.  Yesterday we were in the kitchen and I embarrassed Puma by admonishing her and Night Owl (in front of our guests) to stop playing around the stove.  When we talked about it later, she said, “Stop worrying so much!”

I apologized for reacting instead of asking, and reminded her again why I feel so strongly that the kitchen is not a place for horseplay.  I have a friend with burn scars from a fire incident when he was a child, and I don’t ever want our children to go through that experience.  I know she does not “get it”, and all I wanted to say was, “Just wait until you have children!”

I did not, though.  Instead I told her how much I love her, I only want her to be safe, and to please not play in the kitchen.  I asked again for forgiveness because I know she is sensitive to what she perceives to be scolding, and told her I would try to remember to ask instead of tell next time, with the understanding that she will also try to remember not to mess around in the kitchen.

How do you explain safety to your children?  What word or words would you use to describe your beliefs about your role as a mother?