Enjoying the Field Trips

A little peek into our homeschool day today…

I am by nature a list maker.  I *love* schedules and sticking to them.  It is a big effort for me to step back and realize that my children simply want to play all day long, as they should.

It is always a struggle to balance my need to finish a list and their needs to play and learn through play.  In order to balance out those two things, I have been mindful to include some of the great activities that I post up on our website into our family’s life.  No more “we are too busy” reasoning.  They are part of the schedule now – since I wrote them into our calendar, we do them!  Kind of backwards…it works, though.

What are some of the things we have done?  We went to the Animal Encounter on Saturday.  This morning we went to the C-Town Time Travelers program at the Chandler Museum and learned about doing laundry in the days before washing machines that worked without electricity.  We still have to try to work in one more field trip this week – I think we will look at our list and pick one more.

Guess what – the kiddos are loving it!!  They love to ask where our field trips are going to be.  They get enrichment without me having to stress about the planning.  They are free, so I don’t have to buy tickets or materials, which makes Coach Bruss super-happy!!  It gets us all out of the house for fresh air.  And we all come back with more energy for the rest of the school day.

Where are you going to out and about with your Sweet Peas? Be sure to send us your submissions for #wordlesswednesday…I will be sharing our photos tomorrow, too 🙂