#WW: CoSleeping

In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, this Wordless Wednesday we are featuring co-sleeping.  Co-sleeping is one of the ways MotherBabys can learn to read each other, maintain more skin-to-skin, and keep the milk supply up.  There is the added benefit of natural family planning if your nursling is feeding at least every four hours – much easier to do if MotherBaby are in close proximity.

On another note, both Cassandra and I realized how few pictures there are of us sleeping with our babies!! I guess we are both the photographers and we forget to ask to be the subjects 🙂

Last thought to share:  Since this is our “family” blog, I wanted to share pictures of how our sleeping arrangements looks now that our nurslings are growing up.  There is nothing like the bond that happens thanks to proximity.  It’s hard to believe these sleeping angels can be raucous siblings during the day when you see them so peacefully together at night.

Okay, not so “wordless” today…hope you like to seeing how our family grows!

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Here is a tongue-in-cheek post about co-sleeping that made me laugh today…if you are a co-sleeping family, you might enjoy it, too:  10 Things Never To Say To A Co-Sleeping Parent

To see what co-sleeping looks like with newborns, click on today’s post over at Sweet Pea Births

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