Tuesday Tip: Breastfeeding On The Road

Are you getting ready to travel?  If you follow breastfeeding advocacy in the news, you have probably already seen THIS VIDEO and read the story about the mother in Texas who was harassed at a public property over the weekend.

You have the right to breastfeed wherever you are lawfully present without prejudice.  In most states, you are not subject to indecent exposure even if you choose to nurse in such a way that exposes breast tissue or your nipple.

HERE is a link to see the state laws across the fifty states.  Do a quick search if you are going to be traveling outside of your home area so that you are knowledgable about the law where you will be spending time.

Should you be approached by someone asking you to move, cover up, or stop breastfeeding, you are within all of your rights to decline.  Do not be shamed or bullied into doing anything besides continuing to feed your child.

Some ideas to handle the situation:
State and federal laws recognize that I am simply feeding my child, and our right to do so is protected by law…
…Would you (or the patron) be more comfortable if you were relocated?
…I am not doing this to cause a problem.  How can we resolve this without me having to (move)(cover up)(etc.)?
…I would be happy to have you call the police so that they can enforce our rights to be here.

Obviously, there are many variations to this scenario, and what you say depends on your confidence level.  So, please speak up if you are harassed.  You can also take it to the next level by filing a police report or at the very least, by calling this hotline:  1-855-NIP-FREE

Have you been asked to stop nursing in public?  How did you handle it?  Or if you are like me, which one-liner did you come up with after the fact?

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  1. Kelly Robles

    I love this post! I didn’t know there was a holine. I’ll have to add that to my one. What does calling the hotline actually do?

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