Tuesday Tip: Breastfeeding and Grandmas

I was visiting with a student yesterday and she mentioned that once again her mother is questioning her decisions with her formerly exclusively breastfed baby…now that he is six months old they have started baby-led weaning.

It is hot here in Arizona – grandparents are concerned about their grandchildren for good reason – they want to make sure their grandbabies are staying hydrated as our temperatures stay in the 100’s.  I know she is not the first mama to from a well-meaning adult that, “It was good enough for you” or, “I did it with you and you turned out fine.”

As a mama, speak kindly to them; remember that their words are for their benefit, not yours.  You have done your research and you know you are doing the right thing by exclusively breastfeeding your healthy baby.  A quote I love to bear in mind in these situations is from my friend Cherise Sant, “We are creating the future, not living in the past.”

Here are some breastfeeding facts to share with your mom, or anyone else from the generation of parents who were told that formula was better than breastmilk:

  • Breastmilk is 88% water
  • Introducing other liquids carries the risk of introducing allergens and other contaminants
  • A breastfed baby who is fed on-cue is going to stay hydrated
  • Research has shown that breastmilk is a live fluid: it is pure, fresh and perfectly combined with the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fats, antibodies and hormones your baby needs at every feed, delivered with the 88% water content.

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